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Understanding Hearing Aids

Niagara Hearing Solutions offers a wide range of comfortable and affordable hearing aids for Niagara Falls patients. For more information on hearing aids, please read the questions and answers below. If you have more specific questions concerning your situation, please call us and schedule an appointment today.

What is a hearing aid?

A hearing aid is an instrument designed to amplify sound for a person with a hearing loss. All hearing aids consist of:

  • A microphone – to pick up sound.
  • An amplifier – to increase the strength of the sound.
  • A receiver or speaker – to deliver the sound to the ear.
  • A battery – to power everything.

How do hearing aids work?

Hearing aids aim to amplify sound, and they do so selectively so that sounds that are harder to hear – at quieter levels or higher pitches – are amplified while sounds that are already loud enough are not. Most hearing aids today also display specific features aimed at particularly difficult hearing situations. For example, hearing aids today feature wind noise suppression programs and feedback-cancelling applications, as well as the ability to automatically adapt to different listening situations (for example, a restaurant vs. a quiet living room). Many also have the option of connectivity with technology like the television and the telephone.

What are the advantages of wearing hearing aids?

There are a number of advantages to being able to hear again that will affect all aspects of your lifestyle:

  • Renewed ability to hear your television, stereo system, computer and other electronics.
  • Ability to speak on the telephone, both for everyday necessities and with family and friends for long periods of time.
  • Appreciation of the sounds of nature, such as leaves rustling and birds in the trees.
  • Maintained closeness with the people you love, in that you’ll be able to listen to them and engage in conversation with them again.
  • The self-esteem that will come from your renewed confidence in your ability to hear.